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Customer Reviews

Easy and immediate download

5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

This truly saved my sanity and my wallet when it came time to buy my text books. From over $150 to just $15, thank you Panther

Joshua Fisher


5.0 rating
January 8, 2020

So, I initially thought the “free textbook” was a hoax or a scam, something to get your information and then not receive the book, BUT OMG it was literally sooo easy. It took a matter of 5 minutes to send all my classmates the link and I got my code from Janet seconds later after sending the screenshots. I wish I had known about this earlier, I would have saved so much.

Carter Montgomery

Incredible. Fast, lots of support, cheap!

5.0 rating
January 7, 2020

I was worried about the site at first, but after doing research I couldn’t find any red flags. I ordered my book and had a little difficulty at first downloading it (full icloud storage), but Janet totally helped me out, emailed me the link, and I was able to download my book pretty quickly. Great quality as well and I’m really happy with my order. Thanks Janet for your help! I’ll definitely come back next semester.


Easy, Fast Download

5.0 rating
January 6, 2020

I used the ‘free textbook’ deal to order this book and received it a few seconds after confirming my payment. Janet, the live tech assistant gave promptly gave me the code. Thanks!



5.0 rating
January 4, 2020

This is for real!!! at first i was having doubt and i said let me try is just $8.00. So i did the transaction and within a second i click the download. Immediately the download completes i open it, and its clear and readable.Thank you.

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