Emergency Public Health: Preparedness and Response

by Girish Bobby Kapur







ISBN-13: 9780763758707

ISBN-10: 763758701

As large-scale emergencies continue to pose a threat to U.S. populations at the local, state, and national levels, the public and private sectors are demanding improved public health preparedness, response, and cooperation for such events. Emergency Public Health provides readers with important information and analysis of key public health crises threatening our local, state, and national jurisdictions. As the first text of its kind in the emerging field of emergency public health, it provides a framework for public health professionals, policy makers, first responders, and emergency healthcare providers to plan and implement effective measures to protect the public health of civilian populations during times of emergencies. Written by experts with both emergency healthcare and public health backgrounds, the case-based chapters provide valuable information on the preparedness, response, and mitigation of emergency public health topics. In addition, Emergency Public Health contains timely information of key areas such as public health law and the interactions among government jurisdictions. Each chapter also includes online resources for the reader to pursue additional web-based resources.Important features:- Chapters written by emergency physicians with public health degrees- Case-based chapters- Web resources provided- Covers large-scale issues such as public health law, government jurisdictions, NGO’s,- Chapter devoted to specific needs of children- Chapter on mental health issues in times of public health emergencies- Specific chapters on public health tools such as surveillance and rapid needs assessment- Each chapter follows a consistent structure to maintain clarity and continuity throughout the text:A. IntroductionB. Historical perspectivesC. PreparednessD. ResponseE. Case studyF. On-line resourcesCompetitive features:- Covers natural emergencies- Covers key topics in terrorism- Covers primary topics for disaster medicineQuestions for instructors- What are the key topics in your course?- How do you like to prepare your students for public health emergencies?- What management principles are addressed in your course?- Do you teach special issues such as children and mental health issues during emergencies?

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