Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, 6th Ed

by David. L. Nelson & Michael. M. Cox







ISBN-13: 9781429234146

As we complete our work on this sixth edition ofLehninger Principles of Biochemistry, we are againstruck by the remarkable changes in the field of biochemistrythat have occurred between editions. The sheervolume of new information from high-throughput DNAsequencing, x-ray crystallography, and the manipulationof genes and gene expression, to cite only three examples,challenges both the seasoned researcher and the first-timebiochemistry student. Our goal here is to strike a balance:to include new and exciting research findings withoutmaking the book overwhelming for students. The primarycriterion for inclusion is that the new finding helps to illustratean important principle of biochemistry.The image on our cover, a map of the known metabolictransformations in a mitochondrion, illustrates therichness of factual material now available about biochemicaltransformations. We can no longer treat metabolic“pathways” as though they occurred in isolation; asingle metabolite may be simultaneously part of manypathways in a three-dimensional network of metabolictransformations. Biochemical research focuses more andmore upon the interactions among these pathways, theregulation of their interactions at the level of gene andprotein, and the effects of regulation upon the activitiesof a whole cell or organism.This edition of LPOB reflects these realities. Much ofthe new material that we have added reflects our increasinglysophisticated understanding of regulatory mechanisms,including those involved in altering the synthesisof enzymes and their degradation, those responsible forthe control and timing of DNA synthesis and the cellcycle, and those that integrate the metabolism of carbohydrates,fats, and proteins over time in response tochanges in the environment and in different cell types.Even as we strive to incorporate the latest majoradvances, certain hallmarks of the book remain unchanged.We continue to emphasize the relevance of biochemistryto the molecular mechanisms of disease, highlighting thespecial role that biochemistry plays in advancing humanhealth and welfare. A special theme is the metabolic basisof diabetes and the factors that predispose to the disease.This theme is interwoven through many chapters andserves to integrate the discussion of metabolism. We alsounderscore the importance of evolution to biochemistry.Evolutionary theory is the bedrock upon which all biologicalsciences rest, and we have not wasted opportunities tohighlight its important role in our discipline.To a significant degree, research progress in biochemistryruns in parallel with the development of bettertools and techniques. We have therefore highlightedsome of these crucial developments. Chapter 9, DNABasedInformation Technologies, in particular, has beensignificantly revised to include the latest advances ingenomics and next-generation sequencing.Finally, we have devoted considerable attention tomaking the text and the art even more useful to studentslearning biochemistry for the first time. To thosefamiliar with the book, some of these changes will beobvious as soon as you crack the cover.With every revision of this textbook, we have strivento maintain the qualities that made the original Lehningertext a classic—clear writing, careful explanations of difficultconcepts, and insightful communication to studentsof the ways in which biochemistry is understood andpracticed today. The authors have written together foralmost 25 years and taught introductory biochemistrytogether for nearly 30. Our thousands of students at theUniversity of Wisconsin–Madison over those years havebeen an endless source of ideas about how to presentbiochemistry more clearly; they have enlightened andinspired us. We hope that this sixth edition of Lehningerwill in turn enlighten and inspire current students of biochemistryeverywhere, and perhaps lead some of them tolove biochemistry as we do.PrefaceNew ArtThe most obvious change to the book is thecompletely revamped art program. Our goalthroughout has been to improve pedagogy,drawing on modern graphic resources to makeour subject as clear as humanly possible. Manyfigures illustrate new topics, and much of theart has been reconceived and modernized instyle. Defining features of the new art programinclude:u Smarter renditions of classic figuresare easier to interpret and learn from;Chaperonins in protein foldingADP ADPADP ADP ADP ADPGroESGroELADP ADPADP ADPADPADP7Pi7Pi 77 ATP77(a) (b)NativeproteinSlow-foldingintermediateorFolding intermediatedelivered by Hsp70-ADPFolding intermediatedelivered by Hsp70-ADPATPATP ATPATP ATP ATPATPhydrolysisATPhydrolysisATP ATP ADP ADPADP ADPADP ADPADP ADPADP ADPADP ADPATP ATPATP ATPATPATP ATPGroES

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