NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions & Classification 2018-2020

by Heather T. Herdman


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ISBN-13: 9781626239296

ISBN-10: 1626239290

Fully updated and revised by authors T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN, FNI, and Shigemi Kamitsuru, PhD, RN, FNI, Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification 2018-2020, Eleventh Edition is the definitive guide to nursing diagnoses, as reviewed and approved by NANDA International (NANDA-I). In this new edition of a seminal text, the authors have written all introductory chapters at an undergraduate nursing level, providing the critical information needed for nurses to understand assessment, its link to diagnosis and clinical reasoning, and the purpose and use of taxonomic structure for the nurse at the bedside.Other changes include:18 new nursing diagnoses and 72 revised diagnosesUpdates to 11 nursing diagnosis labels, ensuring they are consistent with current literature and reflect a human responseModifications to the vast majority of the nursing diagnosis definitions, including especially Risk DiagnosesStandardization of diagnostic indicator terms (defining characteristics, related factors, risk factors, associated conditions, and at-risk populations) to further aid clarity for readers and cliniciansCoding of all diagnostic indicator terms for those using electronic versions of the terminologyWeb-based resources include chapter and reference lists for new diagnosesRigorously updated and revised, Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification 2018-2020, Eleventh Edition is a must-have resource for all nursing students, professional nurses, nurse educators, nurse informaticists, and nurse administrators.

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