Return Policy

Applicable Refund

Occasionally, an extreme case of human error or a technical failure on our part shall be handled carefully by dedicated customer support and amicably resolved based on a case to case basis. We will fully refund if our listing is incorrect with 100% money back guarantee or if the item is not as described. Time frame of refunding is 3-5 business days after the error is reported and confirmed.

We also accept refund if the item is not clicked for download from your account. Time frame of refunding is 3-5 business days. This refund will be voided if the item is already clicked for download.

In case you have duplicate or multiple orders of the same item, please email us all related Order ID(s). We will verify and guarantee to process refunding the extra Order(s) for you. Time frame of refunding is 3-5 business days


Non-Applicable Refund

We strive to achieve zero order mistake through an accurate and foolproof system of verification and purchase as follows: product page, cart page, and checkout page. We have sufficient check points to ensure that the product is verified from all possible detailed characteristics before buying. All our products are digital downloads and hence not physical returnable. Dropping a class or any order mistake from user is also not applicable. Descriptions are all clear so that any misunderstanding with physical goods will not be entertained.

Access Codes which are used for grading homeworks, quizzes and exams are very expensive and are not included with any item. Therefore, a refund reason of “No Access Code” is not applicable. Access codes should be purchased separately. Most of the time, it is cheaper to buy the PDF and the access code separately. If you are unsure if you can buy it separately or not, please send us a message.

Every item has been download-tested carefully before listed. In the case that your book does not download properly due to slow internet connection or technical issue with device we will assist you in downloading the book. Therefore, a refund reason of “Cannot Download” or “Bought From Another Seller” is not applicable.

For any clarification or download assistance, you are welcome to email us with your questions.